Most loyalty programs don’t elicit loyalty
Too generic and don’t fit business model
Unattractive rewards
Ineffective points scoring
Lack of digital infrastructure

Unredeemed points in a year

> 100 $


Unattractive rewards programs can harm your business
Higher chances of customer attrition
Low satisfaction
Shoppers may drift to competitors
Higher cost of new customer acquisition
Making rewards programs cool again!
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Higher program efficient
      • Highly secure and trustless platform
      • Human error reduction
      • Fraud prevention
  • Access to a bigger shopper base
  • Collaboration opportunities with other businesses
  • Integration across chains and franchises globally

With Loyela, create your own loyalty program, or join an existing program easily

Keep your customers happy by giving them wider choices

Keep your business strong by reducing costs, increased engagement and

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